Personal Chef Gina

Throughout the centuries, the dinner table has been a place for families and friends to come together and share quality time.

chef_imgMy own upbringing was strict about having Sundays as a sacred day to feast. It began early in the morning with bacon and eggs while the pasta sauce was getting started. The house would be filled with the sweet aroma of garlic and oil while Sinatra played in the background. Dinner would start early and we would eat as a family, telling stories and laughing throughout the evening. Food was always present in my childhood and it is something that I am proud to bring with me throughout my adulthood.

Being a personal chef is something that I have to do. With fast paced lifestyles and the separation of multigenerational families, I feel that it is my calling to bring my tradition, my stories and my love into peoples homes and give to them the food that was so lovingly given to me as a child.



  • Graduate of Tante Marie Cooking School, San Francisco, California
  • Internship at Green’s Restaurant in San Francisco, California
  • Background in nutrition
  • Vice President of the Northern California American Personal Chef Association
  • 12 Years having a successful Personal Chef Service in the Bay area
  • References available upon request
The Right Personal Chef for You

I find that helping individuals reach their dietary goals is one of the most rewarding experiences for me. My clients select my services for a variety of reasons. Some are looking for healthier eating options so they can focus on other aspects of their lives, while others find me because they have specific dietary goals that they need help achieving.

Whether you’ve just been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, or want to lose some post pregnancy weight, I can help you! Along with my culinary expertise, I incorporate a multidisciplinary approach to reaching your dietary goals, including:

  • Reading the latest books specific to your dietary needs
  • Talking with your doctor, nutritionist or therapist if appropriate
  • Supplying your kitchen with specific equipment suited to your individual needs
  • Following current diet trends such as South Beach, Weight Watchers, the Zone
  • Seeking feedback from you, so that we can celebrate successes, identify little challenges, and put our heads together for meal plans that will keep you satisfied
  • Staying current in the marketplace, so that I can provide you with the best variety of food selection
  • Consulting with you during your private assessment so that we can look at what your eating habits are and what you may need to change.
  • Networking with other practitioners in the field of health so that I can refer you to them if appropriate to your goals.

Helping my clients succeed is at the heart of At the Dinner Table, a Personal Chef Service. By eliminating the “quick fix” mindset of crash diets and instilling a dedicated lifestyle approach, you’ll achieve your weight loss or dietary goals and feel good about yourself in the process.