How It Works

Getting personalized gourmet food in your home is made easy with a few simple steps, including:

  • Determining your favorite foods, any allergies or any nutritional concerns.
  • Assessing what cooking items are needed in your kitchen.
  • Scheduling a cooking date when I will shop, prepare and package your meals with heating instructions.
How your meals are packaged

Your meals can be packaged individually or family style. They are stored in reusable containers that are microwave safe or can be put into a baking dish for the oven. Heating instructions come with all of your meals. Some meals will be kept in the refrigerator while others can go into the freezer for later consumption.

A complete meal

A complete meal includes a main entrée with an appropriate side dish that serves up to four people.

Payment for services

Cash, checks and Paypal are accepted for payment of personal chef services and are due on the first scheduled cooking day.

Gift Certificates & Services