What are the benefits of having a personal chef?

It has become the trend for both partners to be working in a household these days. What often suffers is the quality time at the dinner table. Catching up with each other’s busy lives over fast food or even restaurant dining can get old. Having a personal chef allows you to sit down, take a breath and enjoy a fulfilling meal in the privacy of your own home.

Is having a personal chef really affordable?

Think about how many times you go out to eat in a week, add the time away from home it takes to eat out, and multiply it by the quality of food that you are eating…
I use fresh ingredients and love in all of my cooking. Eating heathfully is very important and taking the time to do so in the comfort of your home is both convienient and satisfying.


Imagine having your close friends or family members over for a nice intimate gathering. Whle you spend the evening laughing and talking to all of your beloved ones, I am in the kitchen creating decadent treats for all of you to devour…I prepare intimate dinner parties for 2–10 people. We sit down and discuss menu options, and then I shop, cook and clean up all while you get to spend quality time with your guests.